Total Validator
HTML5 / XHTML / WCAG / Section 508 / CSS / Links / Spelling


Total Validator allows you to perform many different validations on your web pages in one go, rather than using several tools to achieve the same thing. It can simultaneously validate your HTML and CSS, check that pages are accessible, run a spell check, and check for broken links.

To access all of the features of Total Validator, such as DOM Validation, you should install our browser extensions as well.



You must have Java 8.0 or later installed to run Total Validator. See the FAQ for more information.

Windows: To install, run the .exe file you downloaded, overwriting any previous installation. Uninstall from the Windows control panel like any other Windows program.

macOS: To install, drag the TotalValidatorPro icons into your Applications folder. To uninstall, drag these icons into your Trash. If any messages appear when you first try to run Total Validator, please read the FAQ for solutions.

Linux: To install, copy the .tar.gz file you downloaded into the directory of your choice and run the following command to create a totalvalidatorpro directory which contains the application:

# tar xvfz totalvalidatorpro.tar.gz

Use to start. To display the results in your browser you may have to amend To uninstall, delete the totalvalidatorpro directory.