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Total Validator Test

Total Validator Test runs on Windows (7-11), macOS (Yosemite-Big Sur), and most recent versions of Linux and UNIX.

To access all the features of Total Validator, such as Document Object Model (DOM) testing for javascripted sites, you should install our browser extensions as well.


Windows: To install, run the .exe or .msi file you downloaded, overwriting any previous installation. Uninstall from the Windows control panel like any other Windows program.

macOS: To install, open the .dmg file you downloaded and drag the Total Validator icon into your Applications folder, overwriting any existing installation. To uninstall, drag this into the Trash. If any messages appear when you first try to run Total Validator, please read the FAQ for solutions.

Linux: To install, copy the .tar.gz file you downloaded into the directory of your choice and run the following command to create the TotalValidatorTest directory that contains the application:

# tar xvfz TotalValidatorTest.tar.gz

To uninstall, delete the TotalValidatorTest directory.