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Embedded version

Total Validator Embedded is a command line version of the Pro version, licensed for use with continuous integration, with features making it more suitable for this type of environment:

  • Headless operation for use on remote servers
  • Completely suppress saving of the validation results
  • Direct the validation results to stdout when validating a single page
  • Extended exit status for ease of decision making
  • Results path output to stdout

For a full list of the command line options available view the Embedded documentation. Most of the options correspond to options within the Pro version as described in the Pro documentation, and the Pro version automatically generates a file which can be used to simplify configuration of the Embedded version.

The normal workflow would be to run the Embedded version to detect any new issues, then developers can fix and test these using their own copies of Total Validator Pro before submitting changes.

One Embedded licence is required per installation. However, for each Embedded licence you must own at least 5 separate licences of Total Validator Pro, each with a current subscription.

Total Validator Embedded is the same cost as the Pro version, so if you require 1 Embedded licence you must first buy at least 6 licences of Total Validator Pro, and then ask us to convert one of these into an Embedded licence. We will then provide details of how to download the Embedded version.

There is a 30 day evaluation version of Total Validator Embedded available. To obtain this you must own at least one licence of Total Validator Pro and then let us know when you wish to try the Embedded version. We've found that having a copy of the Pro version first is essential in order to become familiar with how Total Validator works before trying to configure and run the Embedded version from the command line.