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Purchase Pro tool licence

If you already own one or more Pro tool licences then you should use the additional licences form instead

A Total Validator Pro Tool licence costs GB£30 (approx US$49, or €38) per copy. This price includes a year's free subscription to updates. There is a 10% discount for purchases of 11-20 licences, 15% for 21-30, and 20% for 31 or more.

The Pro tool runs on Windows, OS X, and most versions of Linux, but your system must have Java 6.0 or later installed.

Please read the licence before purchasing. You need one licence for each computer you install Total Validator on.

Enter the total number of licences you wish to purchase and click the 'Update Total' button to see the total cost. Then click the 'Buy Now' button below to purchase using a major credit card or PayPal account.

Purchase Details
Unit price: £30
Total price: £30

IMPORTANT: Once you have made your payment, please ensure that you follow the link back to this site to receive your login details as it may be up to an hour before you receive them by email.