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Total Validator is an HTML validator, an accessibility validator, a spell checker, and a broken links checker all rolled into one tool, allowing one-click validation of your website.

Since its release in 2005 Total Validator has become extremely popular with Web developers around the world. Each year millions of pages are validated using our tools.

The free Basic tool has the following features:

  • The best HTML validation against the W3C Markup Standards
  • Accessibility validation against the WCAG (1.0 and 2.0) and the US Section 508 standards
  • Check for broken links
  • Spell check English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German
  • One-click, and DOM-based validation using our Browser extensions
  • Validate local pages, and pages on intranets or other private sites
  • Versions available for Windows, OS X, and Linux

The Pro tool provides many additional features such as:

  • Validate an entire website, or more than one site, in one go
  • Select exactly what parts of your site(s) to validate and what to avoid
  • Select exactly what validations to perform, by site, by page, and by item
  • CSS validation against the W3C CSS Standards
  • Validate password protected areas of your site
  • Validate pages behind proxy servers

The Embedded tool for command line operation:

  • Works with Continuous Integration
  • Suppress any outputs except pass/fail status
  • Works with individual pages or whole sites/folders of pages

Total Validator is used by some of the top sites in the world and many government organisations, so why not join them today?

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