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Changes made in the last year

17th December 2017 - v11.8.0

9th October 2017 - v11.7.0

  • Added support for the Section 508 Refresh, so that it now runs the WCAG 2.0 AA tests. Use 'Section 508 (2001)' to run the old tests.
  • Added support for Java 9
  • Verified support for macOS High Sierra
  • Updated User Agent strings. To get the updated ones use the 'Reset' button on the 'Edit List' dialog
  • Pro version now displays the current workspace in the title bar
  • Added link to the licence in the Help menu
  • Minor improvements to results pages
  • No longer tries to follow 'dns-prefetch' links
  • HTML 5.2 updated to 8 August 2017
  • HTML 5.1 updated to 3 October 2017
  • CSS Multi-column Layout Module Level 1 updated to 5 October 2017
  • ARIA in HTML updated to 29 September 2017
  • CSS Box Alignment Module Level 3 updated to 6 September 2017
  • CSS Scroll Snap Module Level 1 updated to 24 August 2017
  • CSS Text Module Level 3 updated to 22 August 2017
  • Bug Fix: 'Skip navigation' accessibility tests were not always run
  • Bug Fix: Fixed false positives with some HTML5 comments

12th August 2017 - v11.6.0

  • DOM validations can now be started directly from the application
  • New option to ignore duplicate pages when validating
  • Combined spell check and extension listeners to simplify GUI
  • Greater integration with our browser extensions:
    • Instead of having to manually enter a 'listen mode' the application now listens all the time
    • When a validation request is received from the browser it will automatically minimise or shrink to the System Tray
    • Can now directly exit the application from the Tray
  • New menu option to shrink the application to the Tray when you minimise it so it is always ready for validation or spell check requests
  • When an Accessibility validation is run without a HTML validation, we now detect the HTML version anyway. So HTML-version specific accessibility tests can now be run.
  • A Welcome page is now displayed when a new version is installed with links to the latest changes
  • Clearer licensing scheme introduced
  • HTML 5.2 updated to 18th July 2017
  • CSS Display Module Level 3 updated to 20 July 2017
  • CSS Box Alignment Module Level 3 updated to 20 July 2017
  • CSS Grid Layout Module Level 1 updated to 09 May 2017
  • HTML Media Capture updated to 04 May 2017
  • HTML Microdata added
  • Using ARIA updated to 04 May 2017
  • CSS Containment Module Level 1 updated to 19 April 2017
  • Referrer Policy added
  • Bug Fix: Local pages with spaces in the path and validated from an extension were cancelling themselves
  • Bug Fix: HTML5 <img> 'alt' attribute tests were only carried out when a WCAG2 validation was selected

15th April 2017 - v11.5.0

19th January 2017 - v11.4.0

  • Pro and Basic versions can now be installed/uninstalled independently
  • Spell check listener is now disabled whilst validating
  • Minor branding changes
  • No longer attempts to POST to file URLs
  • HTML 5.2 updated to 17 January 2017
  • ARIA in HTML updated to 03 January 2017
  • Bug Fix: Required ARIA attributes were being checked for with implicit roles

For changes since 2013 see the extended change log