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Upgrade Basic licence to Pro

If you have a Basic licence that has been activated for less than a year, you can upgrade to a full Pro licence using this form.

To upgrade, enter a valid, unexpired, Basic User ID below. Once you've paid a Pro login will be provided to allow you to download the Pro software. So please ensure your email address is correct.

Please read the licence before buying. You may also find the Licence FAQ helpful.

Each licence includes a subscription, allowing free updates for a year starting at the date the Basic licence was activated. After that you must renew this subscription to download further updates. Subscriptions are currently GB£ 8.00 per licence.

Total price:
Renewal date:

Note: The renewal date will be updated when you Continue and is calculated from the activation date of your Basic licence.

If your card's currency doesn't appear, or you wish to use PayPal, then please select GB£ (see Payment options for more information).