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Payment options

In order to minimise costs and therefore our prices, we only accept payments through our website. So we do not take purchase orders or other types of payment. Also our prices do not include any form of reclaimable sales tax or VAT. Special note for EU citizens, not in the UK.

We accept payments in several major currencies, but if your currency is not displayed, then you should always select GB£ for the lowest price. Your card company (or PayPal if you select this option) will convert your payment into the correct currency using the exchange rate at the moment you pay plus any fees they may apply. You can estimate the price in your card's currency in advance by using Google to find the current mid-market exchange rate and adding 4%. Note that we only see the final amount in GB£ and so do not see any exchange charges.

We know that many of our customers, especially government departments, cannot buy online and so many have to go via a reseller. Though for small payments your organisation may allow you to make a personal payment to be claimed back on expenses.

Note that we do not have any preferred resellers, and so cannot provide any contacts. But most are generally happy to help customers they regularly work with or would like to do business with. So you may wish to contact a reseller that you know of or already use. Note that they may wish to charge an admin fee in lieu of any discount from ourselves.