Total Validator
HTML5 / XHTML / WCAG / Section 508 /
CSS / Links / Spelling

Product comparison

Feature Basic Pro Embedded
HTML validation X X X
Accessibility validation X X X
Checks for broken links X X X
Spell checker with language detection X X X
Validates local pages and intranets X X X
Windows, macOS and Linux versions X X X
Validates DOM generated source * X X
CSS validation X X
Validates entire website X X
Validates multiple websites in one go X X
Validates specific parts of websites X X
Validates login protected websites X X
Works with forms X X
Select validations
by site, by page, by item
Validates behind authenticating proxy servers X X
Client certificate support X X
Saves misspelt words X X
Spell checks in other languages X X
Comprehensive spelling options X X
Comprehensive reporting options X X
Comprehensive link options X X
Cookie handling X X
Change user agent X X
Command line operation * X
Headless operation X
Suppress results X
Extended status X
Extra results options X

* Limited operation