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Total Validator allows you to perform multiple validations on your web pages in one go.


Using Total Validator

Simply enter in a URL for the Starting Page, or select a local page on your computer using the Browse button. Choose which validations you wish to perform from the options available. Then hit the Validate button to start

During the validation process you can use the Cancel button to stop at any time. Note that this may sometimes take a short while to respond when validating remote broken links.

At the end of the process your default or selected browser should be launched displaying the results of the validation.


Checking for updates

An option to check for updates may be found in the Options menu. If there is a newer version available then your default or selected browser will open a page with instructions on how to download and install it.


Using the extensions

Total Validator may be enhanced using one of our browser extensions. Please see the dedicated documentation for their use.