Home Page Accessibility, HTML, CSS, Broken Links, Spell Check

Test version

Total Validator Test is a free download that provides a one page summary of a single web page.

  • Accessibility testing against the WCAG 2.1, US Section 508, and ARIA standards
  • HTML and XHTML testing against the W3C and WHATWG standards
  • Test for broken links and mixed content
  • Language-detecting spell check (English, French, Italian, Spanish, and German)

The Test version only displays a summary of the issues it finds. It may be used to see whether you need to purchase the Basic or Pro versions in order to help you fix these issues.

Our sample report provides an example of the results from the Test version, and an online copy of the documentation is also available.

Screenshot of the test version

Upgrade to the Basic version to see the full details of each issue.

Upgrade to the Pro version for many more features, including testing an entire website or multiple websites in one go, CSS testing, and testing authenticated areas of websites.