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Basic tool v11.2.0

It is free to use, but please read the licence before downloading. Recent changes.

The basic tool requires Java 7.0 or later to be installed. See the FAQ for more information.

Download Basic tool for Windows Windows [MD5 Checksum]

Download Basic tool for OS X OS X [MD5 Checksum]

Download Basic tool for Linux Linux [MD5 Checksum]

When upgrading simply install the latest release over the your existing installation. There is no need to uninstall your current version first. All of your settings and results should be preserved.


Windows: Just double-click the downloaded file to install. See the ReadMe.txt file for uninstalling.

OS X: Open the .dmg file and see the HowToInstall.txt file for instructions on installing/uninstalling.

Linux: Uncompress the downloaded file using: 'tar xvfz totalvalidatorbasic.tar.gz' then read the instructions in the ReadMe.txt file for installing/uninstalling.