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Validate WCAG, Section 508, HTML, CSS, Links, and Spelling


Check your website today with Total Validator's range of products.

Total Validator can check your website to help ensure that it is accessible, uses valid HTML and CSS, has no broken links, and is free from spelling mistakes. This will help you to meet regulations, make your site easier for visitors to use, and improve your site's ranking.

Unique features include the validation of password protected pages, and javascript generated web pages, and the ability to run on Windows, macOS and Linux.

Since its release in 2005, Total Validator has become extremely popular with web developers around the world and millions of pages each year are now validated using our products.

Total Validator is used by some of the top sites in the world and many government organisations, so why not join them today?

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Latest News

16th August 2019

Total Validator 14.1.1 released. This is a bug-fix release to address activation issues with the Basic and Pro versions.

3rd August 2019

Total Validator 14.1.0 released, including the latest changes to the official standards, together with these key changes:

  • The Pro version now requires activation
  • Moved to AdoptOpenJDK 11 for LTS support
  • Updated accessibility tests, and several important bugs fixed

5th April 2019

Total Validator applications updated to 14.0.0 and extensions updated to 5.0. This is a major performance and robustness rewrite, together with:

  • New checks for duplicate tags, mixed content and repeated words
  • Improved accessibility of the applications
  • Updates to all the latest HTML and CSS standards

1st January 2019

New EU VAT rules introduced today mean that EU consumers can once again buy Total Validator licences.

Total Validator 12.2.0 released, updated with a number of bug fixes, performance improvements and better debugging.

We've also introduced a new free Test version of Total Validator so you can see if your pages have any issues before you buy anything.

8th December 2018

Total Validator 12.1.0 released, updated with the latest changes to the standards, together with:

  • Major changes to broken link testing with new options and a performance boost for most users
  • The Basic version has been repackaged to match the Pro and Embedded versions, and so no longer needs Java installed
  • All repackaged versions upgraded to OpenJDK 11

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