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CI version

Total Validator CI is a command line version of Total Validator Pro, licensed for use with automated testing and continuous integration, with features making it more suitable for these types of environment:

  • Can be called from automated test tools like Jenkins, Team City, and Selenium
  • Headless operation for use on remote servers
  • Web API to help with integration
  • Options to only output Pass/Fail exit status
  • Direct the results to stdout when testing a single page
  • Send path to results pages to stdout or the Web API

For a full list of the command line options available, see the CI documentation. Most of the them correspond to options within the Pro version as described in the Pro documentation, including DOM validation (using the Web API, or our browser extensions).

To simplify configuration, the Pro version automatically generates a file which can be used to configure the CI version, ensuring that your CI and Pro versions are testing the same way. You can also display the source tested by the CI version to check you are testing the same thing.

Comparing a sample report from the CI version with the same report from the Pro version, you can see that links to the detailed page reports are normally missing. This is because the usual workflow is to run the CI version to detect any new issues, and then developers investigate these using Total Validator Pro before submitting changes.

To avoid any misunderstanding of how Total Validator CI works, there is a limited evaluation version of Total Validator CI available. We've found that having a copy of the Pro version first is essential, to become familiar with how Total Validator works, before trying to configure and run the CI version. So to obtain the evaluation version, you must already own at least one licence of Total Validator Pro, then let us know when you wish to evaluate the CI version and we'll set this up.

Total Validator CI is the same cost as Total Validator Pro. But to obtain a copy of Total Validator CI you must first buy at least 2 licences of Total Validator Pro, because the CI version is of little use without at least one copy of the Pro version. You can then ask us to convert one of the Pro licences into a CI licence, and we will provide a download together with an Activation Key.

The CI version is licensed per-installation, rather than per-user. So if you need 3 installations of the CI version, you will need 3 CI licences.