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Browser extensions

We provide free browser extensions that you can download that work with the Basic, Pro, and CI applications providing the following features:

  • Validate any page you are viewing with just one click
  • Check multiple pages with Total Validator Pro and Total Validator CI
  • Test the DOM after JavaScript has run, plus additional testing
  • Check pages requiring authentication to view

All you do is start the Total Validator application with the options you require. Then browse to the page you wish to validate and click the Total Validator button on your toolbar or in the context menu. It will then talk to Total Validator to check the page (and with the Pro and CI versions, potentially the rest of the website).

picture of the chrome toolbar

When Total Validator runs it will automatically minimise or shrink to the System Tray to keep it out of the way.

picture of Total Validator in the system tray

If you wish, when you start your computer, you can start Total Validator in the System Tray so that it will be ready to run on demand. You can also define a keyboard shortcut to start a test. See the online documentation for more details.