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Privacy Policy

Total Validator is a privately owned company. This privacy policy explains how we use any personal information we collect about you when you use any of our services.

Core policy

Our core policy is to collect the minimum data that we need to operate our business, keep that data for as short a period as possible, and ensure that it is kept secure.

Data collection

All payments are processed through third party payment systems, so we never see or handle any card or bank account information. However, we do have access to licensee names, emails and addresses, which we need by law for our financial records.

We receive emails, including those from our Contact Form, which contain email addresses. These may also contain names and addresses either inadvertently in signatures, or explicitly provided to us during account enquiries. We also collect email addresses for subscription reminders.

We do not use any type of tracking on our website, and our logs are regularly purged.

Product activation keys are received at install time, and during activation checks. These may contain the user's login, which may be related to their name. These keys are encrypted by the client application, and received and stored encrypted.

Data use and retention

Total Validator does not sell, trade, or rent to third parties any information collected by us. We do not explicitly share any personal information with third parties except where it is necessary to comply with the law.

Any information we keep, we retain purely to help with purchases, identify licensees should they lose their details, provide subscription reminders, help with licence transfers or licence abuse, or where we are legally obliged to for tax and accounting.

Data on licensees is kept until the licence is no longer valid. This will happen if you tell us you wish to terminate all licences that you hold, or we tell you that the terms of the licence have been broken. However, we must keep financial records for six years, so payment details may be kept for longer than this.

We hate spam as much as anyone else, so we do not engage in unsolicited contact unless required to by law, or when necessary during account enquiries. However, we run an email reminder system for subscriptions about to expire. You can amend the email addresses we keep for this, or opt-out by replying to the emails sent, by using our subscriptions form, or by sending us an email.

Data enquiries

You can ask us to tell you what information we have and ask us to change anything which may be incorrect. You may also tell us delete your information, should you wish to terminate all your licences. In all cases please contact us using the information on our Contact page.