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December 4th 2023 update: Google have now announced a new timetable for migration to Manifest v3. So we have updated our information below to reflect this.

Test and Basic users need to use the latest releases of both the TV application and extension in order for them to work together, and so can ignore the rest of this page.

Starting in June 2024, Google will force all browser extensions for Chrome and Microsoft Edge to use Manifest v3. As a result we will release Manifest v3 extensions for both Chrome and Edge before June 2024. Mozilla's plans for Manifest v3 are still being developed, so we currently have no plans to switch to Manifest v3 for Firefox.

In January 2023, we released v17.1.0 of the TV Pro and CI applications to support these changes. This version is now the minimum accepted by our extensions (including Firefox) and should ensure a smooth upgrade when our Manifest v3 extension is released.

However, if you cannot upgrade the TV Pro or CI applications to v17.1.0 or later, then note that Google, Microsoft and Firefox allow you to set enterprise-wide policies which prevent extensions from being updated automatically. This could be used to keep the Chrome and Edge extensions at v5.4, and the Firefox extension at v5.8, and so delay the need to upgrade the application (at least until June 2025, when all Chrome and Edge browsers will be forced to use Manifest v3 extensions).