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Documentation > Manifest v3 transition

Starting in 2023, Google will begin to force all browser extensions for Chrome and Microsoft Edge to use Manifest v3. It will require significant changes to our extension and our application to support this.

In early January 2023, we will release v17.1.0 of the TV application to support these changes. Shortly after, we plan to release v5.5 of our extension for Chrome and Edge using Manifest v3.

As Chrome and Edge browsers automatically download the latest version of extensions, when Chrome and Edge users get the v5.5 extension, they will need to upgrade to v17.1.0 of the TV application in order to use the extension without problems.

If you cannot upgrade the TV application for any reason, there are two possible work-arounds:

1. As Mozilla's plans for Manifest v3 are still being developed, our Firefox extension will continue to use Manifest v2, and so continue working with older versions of the TV application. This means that users running our Chrome and Edge extensions could avoid the need to upgrade their TV application by switching to our Firefox extension.

2. Note that v17.1.0 (and later) of the TV application will continue to work with v5.4 of the extension, and both Google and Microsoft allow you to set enterprise-wide policies which prevent extensions from being updated automatically. So this could be used to prevent the upgrade to v5.5, and so delay the need to upgrade the application (at least until January 2024 when all Chrome and Edge browsers will be forced to use Manifest v3 extensions).