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All of the options for Total Validator are saved together in a 'workspace'. When you first run Total Validator a workspace called default is created and used to store all the settings. With the Basic version this is the only workspace available, and the only File Menu option available is Save.

With the Pro version you can create more than one workspace, to have different sets of options for testing different websites. To manage these, the File Menu has New, Open, Save, Save As, and Delete options. At the bottom there is also a list of the last 10 workspaces used.

You can also create your own default settings that are used whenever you create a new workspace, or use the Reset Tab menu option. To do this, save your workspace with a name of defaults and any settings this contains will then become the system defaults.

Other options

The File menu also contains the following options:

Options Menu

Edit Meta Names (Pro only)

For HTML5 documents, the name attribute in the <meta> element is restricted to values documented in the HTML5 specification with extensions in the WHATWG Wiki. Each Total Validator release contains the latest set of valid values. Total Validator will not recognise any changes to the wiki after the Total Validator release date, and may mark some name values as incorrect.

You could wait until the next release of Total Validator to automatically pick up any new names that you use, or you can use the Edit meta names option to add them yourself. But note that any changes you make will be automatically overwritten when you install a later release.

Edit Proxy (Test only)

Please see the Pro version documentation for an explanation of these settings.

Change Port

The application listens for requests from the browser extension, and for spell check corrections (Pro version) from page reports.

It listens on a specific TCP port, and you can enter the port number to listen on in this field. It is set to 9889 by default, but can be any number in the range 1-65535. You must choose a number that does not conflict with any other service you use, and for extension requests it must match what is set in the browser extension.

The current value of port is also embedded in the page reports for spell check corrections, so if you change its value here you must regenerate your results, otherwise you will not be able to add words to your personal dictionaries.

Use System Proxy

By default, the application will attempt to use any operating system proxy server settings.

Auto-proxy configuration scripts are ignored, but with the Pro version you can supply the proxy server details in the Proxy Server options.


You can change how the application looks by selecting from lists of in-built themes and colour schemes. The lists of Light and Dark themes are variations of the default Flat theme provided by FormDev Software GmbH. These scale well on HiDPI displays, respond to Text Size changes in the Operating System, and so are good for accessibility.

Click on the theme name, and Total Validator will change to that theme.

Checkboxes at the bottom allow for finer control of the Light and Dark themes:

Other options

The Options Menu also contains the following options:

Help Menu

The Help Menu contains the following options: