Read Me Page Checks Accessibility, HTML, CSS, Links, and Spelling

Documentation > Quick start

Enter the URL of the Start Page, or select a local page on your computer using the Browse button. Choose which tests you wish to perform from the options available. Then hit the Validate button to start

During the testing process you can use the Cancel button to stop at any time. Note that it may sometimes take a short while to respond when testing broken links.

At the end of the process your browser should be launched displaying the test results.

Press F1 while using Total Validator to display this help. For specific help on any option, set the focus on that option (by tabbing to it or clicking on it) and then press F1.

Checking for updates

An option to check for updates may be found in the Options menu. You can do this automatically each time Total Validator starts or manually at any time. Standards regularly change and so Total Validator is updated several times a year to include new or updated tests. So always ensure you are running the latest version for the most accurate results.

Using the extensions

Total Validator may be enhanced using one of our browser extensions, making Total Validator faster and easier to use. Please see the dedicated documentation for their use.