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European Union VAT Regulations

New EU VAT Rules apply from the 1st January 2019, which means that we can sell to EU consumers once again. Before that time the following rules were in operation:

EU VAT rules introduced in 2015, made the cost of trading with EU consumers (outside of the UK) prohibitively expensive, so we were only able to sell Total Validator licences and process subscription renewals for the following groups:

  • VAT registered organisations and businesses installing and using Total Validator within the EU
  • Anyone in the UK
  • Anyone in the rest of the World

This meant that we could not sell to EU consumers (except for UK consumers) who did not have a VAT Number.

To ensure that we were following the law, whenever a payment was made our payment provider sent us your address and a code denoting your country of origin. If this was in the EU then we had to also store a matching VAT Number to satisfy the tax authorities. That is why we asked for a matching VAT number to be entered even though we do not include VAT in our prices.