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European Union and VAT

We are only able to sell Total Validator licences and subscription renewals for the following groups:

  • EU businesses
  • Anyone in the UK
  • Anyone in the rest of the World

We do not charge VAT on any of our products, so we cannot sell to EU consumers who do not have a VAT Number or cannot provide proof they are a registered business.

When you make a payment, we receive your address and your country code. If this is in the EU then we must store your VAT Number for the tax authorities. That is why we ask for your VAT number, even though we do not charge VAT.

If you are an EU business, but are not VAT registered, then please email us your business registration number and we will provide an alternative payment method.

If you are a reseller purchasing on behalf of a customer in the EU, then you must ensure that this customer is also VAT registered. In this case you should always email us with the customer's details, including their VAT Number.