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First try testing a different site, such as totalvalidator.com or google.com. If it works, then there must be something about the site you are trying to test which is causing the number of pages to be restricted.

By default, Total Validator respects any robots.txt file on the site and so may be ignoring many pages. So uncheck this option and try again.

Total Validator will only follow links on the same website as the start page, so if you start from www.mysite.com, then pages on mysite.com will not be tested, because technically speaking mysite.com and www.mysite.com could host completely different websites.

Any links embedded within JavaScript will be ignored, which may reduce the number of pages that will be tested. Note that using links within JavaScript is an accessibility failure and will also exclude those people who choose to disable JavaScript for security reasons.

If your website uses a JavaScript framework or libraries to draw most of the web page, then Total Validator may not see links to many other pages. Please see the JavaScript/Frameworks FAQ.

If some pages require authentication to view them, then see the Login forms topic. The Testing multiple sites or areas FAQ may also be of use.