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FAQ > macOS security warnings

When you run Total Validator for the first time, a message may appear saying that it has been downloaded from the Internet. This is perfectly normal, just click the Open button to continue.

If you have configured macOS to only run apps downloaded from the App Store, you will have to temporarily allow apps downloaded from elsewhere:

  1. In System Preferences: Select Security & Privacy
  2. If required, click the lock icon that reads Click the lock to make changes
  3. On the General tab, change Allow apps downloaded from: to App Store and identified developers'
  4. Start Total Validator, ignoring any Internet warning as described above
  5. You may then reset your security settings back to App Store

Total Validator normally stores its results in your Documents folder. When running for the first time a message may appear asking for permission to write there. If you do not allow this the tests will stop and an error may appear. With the Pro version, if you wish to, you can specify a different folder for the results.