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FAQ > Results not displayed

When the test is finished, your browser should display the results. There can be a number of reasons why this doesn't happen:

First try using the Last Results File menu option. If the message Could not locate results appears then the results are not being displayed because they have not been saved: With the Pro version check that the Results folder exists and is writable. Some anti-virus programs may also block access to this location, so check any anti-virus settings as well. With the Pro version try entering a different Results folder, one which Total Validator does have permission to write to, and is on your local computer and not on a remote network drive.

Normally, Total Validator tries to display the results using your default browser. With Windows in particular, this can often become unset, so please follow your browser's help to set it as the default again.

With the Pro version check that Browser: None has not been selected accidentally. Otherwise, check the browser selected. A blank entry implies using your default browser. If you have entered anything here, then try blanking this out, otherwise try entering the path/name (as appropriate to your O/S) of a browser to see if that resolves the issue.

It could also be that the results are stored somewhere your browser cannot access. Some organisations mount the Windows Documents folder (the default place for the results) on a network drive, which can cause problems with browsers. With the Pro version you can enter a different Results folder, one which is on your local computer.

If all else fails you may have to open the folder where the results are stored and double-click the TotalValidator.html file to view the results.