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FAQ > Symantec/Norton quarantine

When certain Symantec/Norton products detect a program they have never seen, this is automatically marked as WS.Reputation.1 and placed into quarantine, even though no virus has been detected. The first thing to note is you already have a copy of Total Validator, and you do not need to download it again. Please consult your Symantec/Norton documentation to restore this file from quarantine and exclude it from further scans.

We believe that each time a user takes the program out of quarantine and excludes it from further scans, the reputation of the program increases until WS.Reputation.1 is finally removed. However, Symantec's system resets with each new release of Total Validator, and so you may continue to see this message with each update you download.

If you are at all unsure, then please verify the checksum of the download against the appropriate one on our download pages. If the checksums match, you can be sure you have the original, complete, and unmodified program provided by us.

Note: If you obtained Total Validator from anywhere other than our website, or your program highlights a different issue other than WS.Reputation.1 or Reputation, please let us know before using it.