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FAQ > Windows security warnings

When you try to install Total Validator you may see an 'unrecognised app' message from Microsoft's SmartScreen together with a Don't run button. If you have downloaded Total Validator from our website this is most likely a false positive. If you click the More info link a Run anyway button will appear, which will allow you to install Total Validator.

If you used Microsoft Edge to download Total Validator, you may see additional SmartScreen messages before the above, requiring you to Keep and/or Keep Anyway to continue.

With the .exe installer, you may also see an 'Unknown publisher' message from User Account Control. This is because we currently do not sign our Windows installer. One of the main reasons for signing, is to verify the original program is unaltered. Instead, you can achieve the same thing by verifying the checksum of the download ...

If you are at all unsure, then please verify the checksum of the download against the appropriate one on our download pages. If the checksums match, you can be sure you have the original, complete, and unmodified program provided by us.

Total Validator normally stores its results in your Documents folder. When running for the first time a message may appear asking for permission to write there. If you do not allow this the tests will stop and an error may appear. With the Pro version, if you wish to, you can specify a different folder for the results.