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Pro tool

The Pro tool has the same core features as the Basic tool, but can validate an entire site in one go rather than just one page at a time. It also includes a CSS validator and has many other features described below. Some of the top sites in the world are now validated using the Pro tool, so why not join them today?

Screenshots of the Pro tool

Screenshots of the Pro tool

Extra features

Some of the additional features of the Pro tool include:

  • Validate an entire website, or more than one site in one go
  • Validate CSS to the W3C Standards
  • Select exactly what parts of your site to validate and what to avoid
  • Select exactly what validations to perform, by site, by page, and by item
  • Validate pages behind one or more forms, such as login forms
  • Validate the DOM-generated source of pages after javascript has run
  • Cookie support for session protected sites and other uses
  • Command line operation
  • Save words to your own spell check dictionary by clicking on them
  • Supply your own dictionary, or additional words for spell checks
  • Easy creation of spell check dictionaries for other languages
  • Authenticated access to password-protected areas of your site
  • Authenticated access using client certificates
  • Authenticated access through NTLM/SOCK/HTTP proxy servers
  • Choice of browser identification to use when checking websites
  • Choice of browser to display the results with, or hide the results
  • Validate error pages (e.g. 404 pages)
  • Control over what is reported and how it is reported
  • Save results to the folder of your choice
  • Unique reports per run

Our sample report shows an example of what the validation results look like.

Note that the command line option is for the use of one person only as the license prevents embedding within an automated system shared by many people, for example as used in continuous integration or as part of your own service or software. If you are interested in integrating Total Validator into a continuous integration system then check out our Embedded tool.