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Validate WCAG, Section 508, HTML, CSS, Links, and Spelling

Browser extension changes

5th April 2019 - v5.0

  • Updated to use the latest APIs
  • Fully supports Total Validator Test
  • Now supports mixed content checks
  • Work-around for meta-refresh issues

12th August 2017 - v4.0

  • New context menu items, so easier to swap between normal or DOM validation
  • DOM validations can now be started directly from the Total Validator application
  • Greater integration with the Total Validator application
  • Simplified options menu, and made it easier to access
  • Extensive rewrite including automatic recovery from more error situations
  • More help when things go wrong

15th April 2017 - v3.0

7th January 2017 - v2.7

  • Updated Options UI to work and look better
  • Bug Fix: Couldn't change debug option when the context menu option was selected
  • Bug Fix: Options help links opened within Firefox Add-ons Manager instead of in separate page

16th December 2016 - v2.6

  • Updated to the latest chrome APIs
  • Migrated Firefox extension to chrome APIs (Web Extensions) for future compatibility
  • Refreshed logo

15th May 2016 - v2.5

  • Sends content-language header used by new spell checking system
  • Minor cookie improvements

19th July 2015 - v2.4

  • With the Pro version, broken link checking now works with the Source and Generated Source options
  • With the Pro version, you can now validate multiple pages with the Source and Generated Source options
  • You can now set a pause before pages are loaded for use with Generated Source to ensure all the startup javascript has completed running
  • Safer asynchronous requests used

10th June 2014 - v2.3

  • Now available from the Chrome Web Store

10th May 2014 - v2.2

  • Updated with latest Chrome API changes
  • Bug Fix: Recent Chrome update prevented local files being validated

24th August 2013 - v2.1

  • Now sends 'referer' of starting page to application
  • Bug Fix: Missing error message
  • Bug Fix: Sometimes checking links when validating page source

3rd August 2013 - v2.0

  • Can now validate the source of pages (normal or DOM generated)

20th December 2012 - v1.1

  • Bug Fix: Cookies not being sent to application

28th July 2012 - v1.0

  • Initial release