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Total Validator Pro

Total Validator Pro runs on Windows (7-11), macOS (Sierra-Sonoma), and most recent versions of Linux and UNIX.

One licence is required for each person using Total Validator Pro. So if the Pro version is installed on a shared PC (real or virtual), each person using Total Validator on that PC must have their own licence.

To access all the features of Total Validator, such as Document Object Model (DOM) testing for javascripted sites, you should install our browser extensions as well.

Please note that we do not provide downloads for older releases as these are unsupported. We advise that you keep a backup of the installation or a copy of the download, in case you need to reinstall it.


You do not need to uninstall the old version first, unless you are switching between the Windows .msi and .exe versions. These install into different places, and having both installed at the same time can cause issues.



To install, run the .msi or .exe file you downloaded. If any warning messages appear when you install Total Validator, please read this FAQ. Note that having both the .msi and .exe versions installed at the same time can cause issues, so we recommend only installing one of these. Uninstall from the Windows control panel in the usual way.


To install, open the .dmg file you downloaded and drag the Total Validator icon into your Applications folder, overwriting any existing installation. If any messages appear when you first try to run Total Validator, please read this FAQ. To uninstall, drag it into the Trash.


To install, copy the .tar.gz file you downloaded into the directory of your choice and run the following command to create the TotalValidatorPro directory that contains the application:

# tar xvfz TotalValidatorPro.tar.gz

To uninstall, delete the TotalValidatorPro directory.


When you first run Total Validator, it will prompt you to enter the User ID and Password you received when purchasing. It will then try to self-activate. But if this fails, a Unique Code will appear, which must be entered into the Activation form to complete the installation.

If there is a need to reinstall Total Validator Pro for any reason (for example, moving it to a new PC), the old installation should be deactivated first: Go to Help > About, and click the Reset button next to the User ID.